Want to apply to American Access?

Make sure you meet the requirements to be considered for the program. These minimums include both requirements for all applicants and requirements based on your home country.

General Entry Requirements

American Access First Year1 American Access Extended First Year Pre-Sessional English (English Language and Training Academy)
GPA Requirement 2.5 2.5 2.5

After arrival on campus, all American Access students, including those in the Pre-Sessional English program, are administered an English proficiency test. The results of this test will determine the student’s final program curriculum, which might require additional program time and increased costs.

1 Students with a 6.5+ IELTS score will be placed in advanced coursework uniquely appropriate for their language level.

Country-specific Entry Requirements

Please select your region and your home country. We will show you the relevant qualifications needed for students applying from your country.